Training programmes with a greater focus on developing practical laboratory skills are conducted by our subject matter experts from time to time for aspiring and inquisitive researchers and students in the following domains: Microbiology, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Health Economics and Outcomes Research. These vary in time duration and can be customized as per the particular needs prescribed in guidelines by various educational institutions or simply as required by the trainees.


Short Term:        6 Weeks
Long Term:        7 Weeks – 6 Months

Focused on skills which make you “Placement Ready”

1. Sterilization techniques
 dry heat
 moist heat

2. Isolation of Microbes
 Isolation of microbes from drinking water and sewage water
 Isolation of microbes from soil
 Isolation of microbes from milk

3. Inoculation methods
 Spreading
 Streaking
4. Biochemical Test

5. Identification of Microorganism
 Morphological Identification
 Microscopic Identification

1. Isolation Of Genomic DNA
2. Isolation Of RNA
3. Gel Electrophoresis

1. Waste Water Analysis (as Per CPCB/SPCB Guidelines)
 Available Chlorine
 Oil And Grease
 Free Alkaline Test
2. Soil quality analysis (as per ICAR Guidelines)
 pH and Moisture Content
 Macro and Micro Nutrients
 Water Holding Capacity
 Electrical Conductivity

 Microbiology of non sterilized products
 Introduction to qualifications and validations

 Personality development
 Interview preparation

 Report preparation
 Advanced excel