Waste Water treatment and Pollution control

With over 20 years experience in the domain providing most economic and efficient solutions towards Waste water treatment in ETP/STP plants, our research team has developed multiple out of the box solutions customized to the needs of the end industrial users. We are known as the go-to company even when nothing else works. We invite customers to request for proposal who would like to obtain and maintain proper results in their waste water treatment plants. Our technical know how combined with vast experience and supported by state of the art research and development facilities enable us to bring out desirable results in the most complicated plants as well.
Some noteworthy systems developed internally include:

1. ETP treatment in Tanneries: Tanneries are known to posses high salinity and as a result most systems fail there. With our state of the art systems, efficient and low cost alternatives are now available for the Tannery Industry to implement in their Effluent Treatment Plants

2. Alternative treatment for Cyanide containing Effluent: Conventional technologies include the use of tonnes of chemicals to treat Cyanide containing effluent prior to subsequent treatment and disposal. With the focused research conducted in this domain, ABRL has been able to cut down the need of using chemicals in bulk. A highly efficient and time saving technology is available for immediate implementation at relevant ETP plants which not only saves on the bulk, it also cuts down the time to treat, need of man power and effectively increases the capacity of existing installations. Inquiries are welcome from industries for implementation of this alternative technology at their installations.

3. For Textile industries: Simpler solutions to get rid of persistent colour in the effluent because of tough dyes is available

4. For Auto manufacturing industry: Customized and systematic solutions aiding in proper treatment of effluent while ensuring proper separation/recovery of oil from the effluent

Customized solutions are also offered post submission of sample of effluent/waste water and laboratory scale studies on the same