Sophisticated Analytical Services for Pharmaceutical Products and API’s

Aman Biotech Research Laboratory serves as the helping hand and a one-stop solution provider to several national and international manufacturers and researchers in conducting and interpreting several kinds of Sophisticated Instrumental Analysis. These aid research in various areas of science and technology. This is conducted with utmost precision and by experts of respective domains in the least possible timings.

Tests offered to include:

  1. HPLC
  2. UPLC
  3. LC-MS
  4. GC-MS
  5. HRMS
  6. NMR: 1H, 13C, D2O exchange, 2D NMR
  7. PXRD
  8. TGA
  9. DSC
  10. Residual Solvent
  11. IR
  12. PSD – Particle Size Analysis
  13. Validation Studies
  14. TOC content
  15. Others – On request

Please feel free to request for a proposal.