Analytical Services

Sophisticated Analytical Services for Pharmaceutical

ABRL serves as the helping hand and a one stop solution provider to several national and international manufacturers and researchers in conducting and interpreting several kinds of sophisticated instrumental analyses. These aid research in various areas of science and technology. This is conducted with utmost precision and by experts of respective domains in least possible timings. Please feel free to request for a proposal. Tests offered include: <Add list>

Microbiological Testing Services for Pharmaceuticals, Food and Soil

With modern inhouse facilities, ABRL is continuously involved in providing Microbiological analytical services for Pharmaceuticals, Food and Soil samples. Apart from analytical services, research projects involving Aerobic and Anerobic microorganisms are also undertaken.

Chemical Assays and Impurity Profiling services

Frequently required by Pharmaceutical Industry, we lend our services in the domain of Purity analysis/Assay and Impurity profiling as well. Customised method development and validation is also conducted.

Contract Research Projects

Contract based research projects are also undertaken