• Industrial Effluent Treatment solutions
  • Drinking Water Testing as per BIS Guidelines
  • Waste water treatment : All types of Trade effluent studies and their studies
  • Microbiological testing : All types of Microbiological studies including those of pathogens.
  • Pharmaceutical Testing : All types of pharmaceutical testing (including for export), Plant Validation studies & Area Monitoring Studies
  • Agricultural & Food Products analysis
  • Impurity testing for metallic impurities for all types of metals
  • Textile fibre testing
  • Blood chemistry and Microbiology


  • Design, supply and commissioning of Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) for all types of industrial effluents using enzymes and biocatalytic technologies.
  • All types of Environment and Industrial Consultancy and Industrial enzymes
  • Development of bio-cultures : Bio-Cultures development of all types as per customer needs
  • Clinical synthesis of drugs (Lab Scale)


  • Environment Impact assessment (EIA) : Includes all studies as per EIA norms
  • Effluent treatment processes and efficiency