Having offered unconventional Waste Water Treatment products and solutions to several Multi-national companies and also to many mid to large size domestic clients, ABRL’s wastewater solutions are developed in tune to the specific needs and issues of different industries. These are highly specialized yet simple to implement and most economic solutions, ensuring efficient management of Industrial effluent as well as Sewerage. These measures can generally be implemented immediately with absolutely no or minimal alterations to the existing infrastructure of most treatment plants.

Biotechnology combined with enzymatic processes are used to develop and bring forward reagents which are fine tuned to the needs of the process. These specialized reagents not only help achieve results in the plant, but do so at very economical costs. ABRL is thus offering waste water treatment solutions in the following optimized products customizable to the needs of the end user.

Decolouring reagents
Defoaming reagents
Anti-microbial controls
Low cost Zero Discharge solutions
Also offering Descalants and other chemicals for boilers