Biotechnologically most superior and time tested Microbial Cultures (Pure, combinations and consortiums) have been isolated and developed by our in-house R&D team.

These have been tested both at lab and plant levels and have a large library of cultures and biotechnological solutions which can be efficiently applied to wastewater treatment and other related applications. These tiny microbes – the little soldies are hard working variants which not only bring down the parameters of wastewater but additionally reduce the requirement of other consumables (Chemicals and other reagents) in the remaining treatment processes.
We are glad to offer our specialized microbial cultures for the following applications:

  • For Textile Industries
  • For general effluent
  • For STP
  • For Oil Spill
  • For soap manufacturing units
  • For Kitchen Waste
  • For Bioremediation of water bodies (stagnant or running) including lakes, drains, etc.
  • for remediation of Industrial Oil Spills