To help heath care facilities manage and prevent Hospital Acquired Infections and related facilities ensure disinfection, ABRL offers a wide range of disinfectant and other products of use for facility management. Some of the key products include:

HYPCHLOR (Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, Grade – I) is being widely used in hospitals and nursing home facilities for the disinfection of hard surfaces and blood spillages containing the human immunodeficiency virus or hepatitis B virus. HYPCHLOR is one of the best defences against hospital-acquired and community-acquired Clostridium difficile infections. Having a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity, sodium hypochlorite is inexpensive and has low toxicity.


Conforms to BIS 11673:1992
Has a broad spectrum of anti-microbial activity
Low toxicity

Other variants of HYPCHLOR offered include those with available Chlorine 9%-10% and 1%

ABRL Candor: ABRL Candor is a concentrated Deodorant and Cleaning Solution primarily based on Pine Oil. It also has detergent action and is heavily perfumed so as to leave a pleasant and long lasting odour post application.

The product has a neutral pH and is free from any quarternary ammonium compounds and oxidizing agents.

ABRL Candor is a very easy to use product – 1 L of the product can be used to prepare upto 100 L of white phenyle (regular usage) or 50 L (heavy usage) by simple addition of water resulting in a stable formulation. This not only saves on inventory management, but also saves on logistics and other costs thus the cost of the finally prepared white phenyle prepared from ABRL Candor falls below Rs. 6 per L to the end consumer.”

Maeve – Range of exotic gel perfumes and gel bloks for pleasant enviroment desired by all

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