ABRL’s bulk chemicals vertical is engaged in the manufacture of some and trade of other technically sound and economically competitive chemicals including:

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution: Available in 2 variants (a) Grade-1 as per IS 11673:1992 with available Chlorine content 40 to 60 gpl (b) Industrial Grade with available Chlorine content 90 to 110 gpl

Polyelectrolytes: Anionic, Cationic, Dewatering, DAF Polyelectrolytes and dewatering polyelectrolytes

Other Commercial Chemicals: Commercial grades of Alum (Ferric and Non-Ferric), Sodium Hydroxide, Soda Ash, Bleaching Powder, LABSA, STTP, Metasilicate, AOS, Defoamers, Descalants and other disinfectants.